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Brand: Kevin Levrone Signature Series
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Choice of champions

Serving size: 1 bar Servings per Display-Box: 12 Nutrition value* 100 g 60 g Energy 1390 kJ / 334 kcal 835 kJ / 200 kcal Fat 11,3 g 6,8 g of which saturates 6,7 g 4,0 g Carbohydrate 23,9 g 14,3 g of which sugars 1,4 g 0,8 g of which polyols 20,5 g 12,3 g Fibre 19,8 g 11,9 g Protein 32,4 g 19,5 g Salt 0,6 g 0,36 g

*Applies to Protein bar with vanilla-caramel flavour.

FOR WHO The product is portable, packed with nutrition, inexpensive and taste great. Recommended for athletes looking for a delicious bar that will satisfy the appetite that contains high levels of protein and minimum quantity of sugar.

Thanks to the carefully selected ingredients, the bar contains high level of protein and fibre and a minimal amount of sugars and fat. The declared sugar content amounts to 0.8 g per bar which results from the sugars that naturally occurring in the ingredients used. The delicious flavour and macronutrients of the bars can compete with any other bar available on the market. Reach for LevroContestBar whenever the craving sets in!

LevroContestBar is a reward after a hard workout that you can eat without guilt!

Flavours: Vanilla-caramel, Chocolate fondue’ Coconut caramel, Peanut butter. Packaging: BAR 60 g, DISPLAY BOX 12 x 60 g

20 g Protein* per portion

0,8 g Sugar per portion

LevroContest Bar

LevroContestBar is the low sugar bar with a delicious taste for an effective workout

12 X 60GM

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